About Us

The Dall Millers Cluster of Nagpur comprises 100 (largely) small-sized enterprises. Traditionally, cluster firms have experienced various constraints like absence of latest technology machinery like pre-cleaners, gravity separators and de-stoners, Color Sorters, lack of proper storage facilities, outdated drying facilities, poor access to packaging, testing and R&D facilities.

Under the Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSECDP) of MSME(GOI) , cluster firms formed a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the name of Nagpur Dall Millers Cluster Pvt Ltd. The SPV aims at developing a Common Facility Center (CFC) to address the constraints and uplift performance of the Pulses Industry.

We aim to encourage growth of dall millers and farmers and to raise the standards of quality and food security in the nation. Our vision is to develop Nagpur as a model for Pulses Processing Industry in India. Our organization has been and will continue to promote latest technology innovations in pulses processing also including initiatives like using non-conventional processes like Solar Dryers.

Pulses Pulses are one of the most important segments of Indian agriculture. India is the biggest producer, consumer and importer of pulses. In fact, India is largest producer of pulses accounting to about 25% of global share. These pulses constitute chickpea, pigeon pea, lentil, mung bean, urd bean and field pea. The split grains of these pulses called dall are excellent source of high quality protein, essential amino and fatty acids, fibers, minerals and vitamins. Chickpea remains the largest consumed of pulses comprising of 45-50% of the total pulses production of India.

MSE-CDP Under the Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Program (MSECDP) of MSME(GOI) , cluster firms formed a Special Purpose Vehicle to develop a Common Facility Center (CFC). This CFC will have most advanced technology for Pre and Post Processing of Pulses. We are confident that this CFC will be a powerful growth engine which will ensure not only growth and development of millers and farmers but also employment generation.